Wild Roots Company

If you don't believe me when I say I had the PERFECT client to have the opportunity to design a brand for, well, I don't know what to tell you. You just have to trust me. Or better yet, keep reading and see for yourself. Tiffany contacted me last year asking if I would be interested in designing a brand for her family's local farm. Now, I don't necessarily advertise that I freelance graphic design for a few reasons: 

1) My focus is Leen Jean Studios, and that has a very distinct style.
2) I don't want to get too busy designing posters or brochures on a corporate level when that is taking away from the goals for my company.
3) Sometimes (read: almost always) freelance design work turns out to be far more work than you sign up for. 

All of that said, hearing Tiffany share her dream and vision for Wild Roots Company, sharing with me what they are about and what they wanted the brand to look like, I couldn't shake the thought that it would be a perfect fit. So we went for it, and I'm so glad! I am so honored to help create the visuals for a local farm that is passionate about what they do, and good at it, too. And all the while, I got to do something I love. Win/win if I do say so myself. 

It came down to two options. Option one, a whimsical, "wild" take on the name:

The second option is more structured but still hand drawn and whimsical:

In the end, we decided on the second option because of the structure that it does provide. I had such a great experience design this logo for Wild Roots Company, as Tiffany really did let me use creative freedom to create something that represents who I am as an artist, but who she is as a person and company as well. Like I said, dream client. What do you think of the design?

If you are local to Central Virginia, visit their Facebook page for more info on what/where to purchase! 

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