To our stockists:

While we are still more than happy to accept wholesale orders, please know some things have changed around here:

I recently welcomed my first child into this world. As I’m sure most parents can relate, it has been the BIGGEST blessing and challenge in my life thus far. Prompted by this life change, I took some much needed time to evaluate my business goals and what I needed to dedicate my energy to right now. While I love and always will love a good greeting card, I’ve decided to take a step back from creating new product, and instead focus on the calligraphy and wedding sides of what I do. When working with stores and other people like me—people working hard to do something they love—I want to make sure I am providing you with work both you and I can be proud of.

I still have inventory on all my past products, I just won’t be adding to it right now. Thank you SO much for your support and interest in my art!

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